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Activité Brlunote : Booking (Territoire Suisse) en accord avec le Cri du Corbeau



Näo, New EP "DUEL" available on November 2015 (Teaser "NO UP" bellow)

Artist available on booking from September 2015 to summer 2016.

2014's PAST SHOWS :

01/02/2014 La Rodia, Besancon (FR)
07/03/2014 Bikini Test, La chaux de Fonds (CH)
08/03/2014 Satellite, Lausanne (CH)
15/03/2014 Electrochoc, Saint Etienne (FR)
22/03/2014 Le Moloco, Audincourt (FR)
15/04/2014 Marché Gare, Lyon (FR)
19/04/2014 Pub ADk, Roissy en Brie (FR)
13/05/2014 klub, Paris (FR)
14/05/2014 Rennes (FR)
15/05/2014 Bordeaux (FR)
16/05/2014 Mons (B)
17/05/2014 Leuven (B)
18/05/2014 Utrecht (NL)
31/05/2014 Entre les Fourgs (FR)
27/06/2014 Fusion Festival (D)
27/09/2014 Le Cube, Issy les Moulineaux (FR)
11/10/2014 Maschinenfest, Oberhausen (D)
14/11/2014 Picardie Mouv’, Amiens (FR)
19/12/2014 Metz, Les Trinitaires (FR)


2013 Tour Support Ez3kiel
27/07/2012 Summer Darkness Utrecht (NL)
29/06/2012 Les Eurockéennes de Belfort (FR)
29/05/2012 wGT Festival Leipzig (D)
01/10/2011 Maschinenfest Oberhausen (D)
20/06/2011 Impetus Festival (FR)
14/04/2010 Le printemps de Bourges (FR)


Näo : Last video clip "Evol 2.0" (By DHRWN - Febr 2015)

Näo : Live @ IMPETUS FESTIVAL (2011)

Näo : Teaser Näo III (2014)


A computer at his fingertips and a mind full of ideas, Pierre-André Pernin started näo in 2007 as a one-man project, joined later by the drummer Thibault Fellmann, the guitarist Jordan Daverio and the video designer matthieu tercieux. So in it’s current form näo comprises 4 members. The band’s musical influences range from amon tobin and nine inch nails to krush or 65daysofstatic.

Over the years näo have gone beyond these influences to amaze audiences at already a hundred concerts and festival appearances in france and germany with their unique, previously unheard sound. at the studio as well as on stage, näo develop and shape melancholic and aerial music, exploring moods from contained rage to lyrical digital outbursts. like a surgeon, pierre-andré meticulously crafts mesmerizing melodies and downtempo beats. his penchant for synthetic layers and for skillfully chiseled keyboard compositions gives his’ music a unique and strange atmosphere, progressively immersing the listener into näo’s world. to this already enriched enchantment thibaud and jordan add their rhythmic impulses and abrupt riffs, creating a mixed beast of electro-noise, melded with brute, highly energetic guitars and spliced with elements of post rock, metal and idm into something very unique and powerful.

With näo the album, näo the band presents a mesmerizing combination of playful electronica and anthemic, impulsive rock elements. join in, and be warned – their electronic odyssey has only just begun…


@ ANT-ZEN & JFX (2014)

@ ANT-ZEN & JFX (2013)

@ Autoprod (2011)

"Picture this if you will…"
@ 7lakes - le Citron Vert (2009)






Download technical rider (.Pdf)


New Noise :
«Most of the album’s compositions endeavor to build up atmospheric, delicate and gradual tracks so as to make them progress to a liberating and grandiloquent sonic roar.» 8/10 (July-August 2012)
«Digital, ethereal, sharp and subject to melancholy, Näo’s powerful acoustic machinery wreaked havocs on III, once more. «...» (March-April 2014)


Metalorgie :
"Näo extends a thrilling and vigorous instrumental adventure, full of organic sounds and rock roots". (March 2014)


Tsugi :
«Their electro, flirting with noise and Indus rock pleases just as much electro fans as the rock audience.» (October 2013)

Obsküre :
«A mix of martial rhythm and melodic electronic, III highlights a skilled symbiosis.» (March-April 2014)

Longueurs d’Ondes :
«Technology and quasi-sci-fi touches add a bulky dimension to stunning build-ups without ever overdo «...» a live potential that file Näo with those bands you have to keep on eye on.» (April 2014)

Download complete file (.Pdf)

Nao @ Eurockeennes
Nao @ Machinfest